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Project Description
LaxCraft is an ASP.NET MVC3 site that allows a youth team to keep track of their effort on and off the field. It is currently designed just to support 1 team and is geared towards Lacrosse (hence the name) but it could easily evolve to supporting multiple teams or even multiple leagues and sports.

What I did this past lacrosse season was develop a website that the kids could have fun tracking their off field practice on their own time. They were all talking about Xbox and World of WarCraft and I asked them “How many hours a week do you play video games?” and most of their answers were double digit hours. They said they like to “Level Up” and get “Achievements” so that spawned my idea of creating (no longer up). It seemed to be pretty successful with about ½ my team. I did a raffle every week for players that were signed up and have increased at least 1 level in wall ball (just gave away a couple little things like a pink, green or blue lacrosse ball).

The levels mimic the video games that they play in that it is really easy to move up the lower levels but it takes a lot of time to move up a higher-level. I also used this to hand out recognition for great game or practice play. When they signed up and logged in they were able to put in the amount of time they put towards a particular stat and the coaches had rights to pass out points for the game stats for a player.

Here is the front page, if you mouse over the abbreviation you can see what each one means (Wall Ball Right, Wall Ball Left, Conditioning, etc.) and if you mouse over one of the badges you can see what level the player is for that particular stat – So Adam is a Level 4: Sergeant because he has done x number of hours playing wall ball with his left hand.

Clicking on a Player allows the user to see in detail where they are at with each stat and how much more XP they need to do to get to the next level.

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